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What is a connect group?

Simply, it is a small group of people (family) between 5-12 meeting together in homes, cafes, schools, universities, work places (wherever it most suits the particular group) with the purpose of building great relationships and having Jesus-centric conversations around the Word of God. In other words, growing together and growing in God.

Connect groups are...

about discipleship: a place where we can grow together to become true followers of Jesus through the process of discipling, teaching and mentoring

a caring environment: a place where we can gather together to care for one another through friendship, encouragement, and practical expression of love and kidness

a place for ministry: a place where we can develop and use our God given gifts and abilities to help others

a way to reach out: a place where we can help one another reach our friends, neighbors, relatives, and the poor to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ

about fellowship: a place to eat, hangout, laugh, play and do life with each other.

Three Categories connect groups

Common interest: These are groups that get together around a common interest such as music, sports, book club, etc.

Common Need: Prayer, Ladies bible study, DOC ministries, healing, discipleship classes, new believers classes,andmore

Generational/Season of Life: 55 plus, NR, Youth, Marriage, Business Owners, single adults etc..


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