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We strongly believe in the principle of ‘freely you have received, freely give’ - the kingdom principle of multiplication.  The mentoring times with Shawn include brief teaching and question & answer times, with an emphasis on activation.  The activation times are for stretching and building leaders so they can go to the next level of who they are called to be as leaders.  A more specific focus is to raise up leaders for what God is doing at New Renaissance and it is a requirement of any involvement on a leadership level with New Renaissance.

In these mentoring sessions you will learn about:
- being a leader
- living in the kingdom
- how to prophesy & flow in the gifts of the Spirit
- understanding the miraculous
- character and integrity
- and much much more

Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring is for all leaders, those serving on a team an anyone who wants to grow as a leader it takes place at DOC in the sanctuary.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 9, Sunday at 6:00 p,m.

**Note: Child care will be provided for all mentoring nights.**

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