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Jesus’ ultimate goal when He was on the earth besides bringing salvation, healing, and deliverance to a lost world, was to make and teach His disciples to live out everything He spoke to them.  That is the true hope and heart of the Father, that after we come into the knowledge of Him that we would live out our lives just like Jesus.  Jesus gave us permission to do this when He said in John 14:12, that if we would believe in Him we would do what He did, and that we would do even greater things.  What an amazing promise to leave us with.  We have the opportunity through the power of the Spirit to walk like He did and see even greater things.  When we live out what we know God to be, we act, think, talk, and smell differently; by smell I mean the fragrance of the LORD rests on us in a real tangible way for everyone to notice.  Just like Jesus we need to become the message and not just know a message.  The Pharisees had it all together in their mind, or so they thought.  My God is a God of the heart and not just the mind.  What we know must translate into an experience or it’s just head knowledge and its really just useless.  For example; if you say you believe that God heals but never pray for the sick, then you don’t really believe, because true faith lies within the heart and when something is truly in the heart of a man or woman it drives them to carry out that belief.  You came into the salvation experience by saying in your own words, Romans 10:9.  I confess with my mouth that Jesus is LORD and believe in my heart that He was raised from the dead.  According to scripture, that is the entry point to the salvation experience if we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth.  That is not to say we don’t have to repent of the old nature and receive by faith His forgiveness that He accomplished on the cross. In the same way, we must believe in our heart by faith to walk into our relationship with God, is the same way that belief in the heart to heal the sick has to transpire into some sort of action and then into a manifestation of the very thing you\'re believing for.  This is the excitement of kingdom living; simply living out everything we say we believe.  James 1:22, says that if we’re hearers only of the word and not doers of it then we’re deceived. Wow!!! This says it in plain English, or Greek, however you want to look at it.  If we don’t do what we hear and know to do in the aspect of our faith and His kingdom, then we’ve submitted to a deception. That deception says it’s okay to just have it all up in the old noggin and not actually see a manifestation of anything you say you believe.  Holy Spirit wants to take everything you know about God as long as it’s truth, and make it a manifestation in your life.  He wants you to become the revelation that you claim to have, and when you do, it releases a greater authority on your word and the influence you carry as a believer.  Let me show you one example; (there are many examples all throughout the book of Acts where people couldn’t argue up against the disciples who really knew who they were and lived a kingdom lifestyle).  Take John 6:63, “…The words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”  Because Jesus was the message and lived the words He spoke, I believe that is what allowed His words to become spirit and life to the listeners.  Yes Holy Spirit has to be behind the words, but He is the one who makes all knowledge of God come to life anyway.  The words came out of who He was and people felt it (John 7:45,46).  He is our first and foremost model to follow in all matters of life.  If He did it and walked in it, so can we.  Remember, He modeled it for a reason.  Let’s as sons and daughters of the most powerful God in the universe, begin to walk as Jesus did and see the knowledge of the glory of the LORD manifest in every area of our lives. Creation is waiting (Rom. 8:19) and so are the angels. (Heb. 1:14)

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Renaissance [ren-uh-sahns]: revival, renewal, re-birth, resurrection, reawakening, resurgence, reappearance, regeneration
A revival of art and literature where music flourished impacting all areas of society.
ORIGIN from French renaissance, from re- 'back, again' + naissance 'birth' (from Latin nascentia, from nasci 'be born').

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